Brian Moore: Commitment to Quality Workmanship

By Karyn Kuhn

If you think all a landscaper needs to do is mow a straight lawn, you haven't seen a really great one design a basket weave brick walkway, build a fieldstone retaining wall, choose between lavender and lobelia, or coordinate schedules and negotiate labor issues with carpenters, masons, and plumbers on a major outdoor renovation. Brian Moore is a great landscaper because he can do all these things - as well as show up on time, stay on budget, and stand by his work.

For more than 22 years, Moore has been a landscaper, 13 of those at the helm of his own business. During that time he has distinguished himself from other "straight lawn" landscapers with a commitment to quality workmanship and by forging successful and sustainable partnerships with best-of-breed suppliers and craftsmen whose expertise complements his. While he continues a successful maintenance program for customers, his expertise has evolved and he now designs and executes extensive outdoor stone and brick renovations and installations. During his time in business Moore learned - through formal education, apprenticeships under seasoned professionals, and by doing the next task well - that the key to his success is keeping his customers' satisfaction his number one priority.

"I'm committed to making sure my customers are happy," says Moore. "When I tell someone I'll be there Tuesday at 10, I'm there."

Customer Satisfaction

But don't just take his word for it. Moore has maintained Gwen Buswell's Orleans property for more than a year, and recently completed some extensive outdoor renovations for her, creating blue stone patios and brick walkways, specialties he has developed over time. "Brian's work is wonderful," she says. "His commitment, attention to detail, and ability to listen to his customers set him apart."

In a highly competitive market, Moore's high retention rate of long-time customers attests to his diligence, quality work, and commitment to service. "Brian has been landscaping my building for 15 years," says Wellfleet CPA George Malloy of the commercial property he owns. "He is very conscientious, he's here when he's supposed to be, and the work is consistently good."

Leveraging the Region's Best Resources

Moore's work consistently pleases his customers because of his own strong work ethic, and because he aligns himself with the best workers on Cape Cod - and off. He maintains a full-time staff of two talented specialists and draws from a strong network of architects, homebuilders, designers, and masons when the job requires their unique expertise. By using best-of-breed craftspeople on a per-project basis, Moore is able to give his customers personal attention while providing extensive services.

Creativity Customers Can Live With

Another factor that distinguishes Moore is his artistic facility. While he has never been formally trained as a designer, he has a natural affinity for creative work. For example, Moore has worked extensively on both residential and commercial projects with Orleans home builder Bill von Thaden, owner of von Thaden Builders/Designers, Inc. "There's room for a lot of individual interpretation in brick and stone work," says von Thaden. "Brian's innate artistic talent, combined with his craftsmanship, results in a very beautiful finished product."

Buswell concurs, noting that Brian's creativity results in beautiful, livable landscapes. "Brian is very creative. His ideas are wonderful, but he has never pushed them on me. He's attentive. He listens to what I want." "Brian really is an artist," says customer Gary Furst, for whom Moore recently completed a stone patio and fieldstone wall. "He is an unassuming guy, but he's very talented. We had a landscape architect work with us on this project, but there was room for discretion in several areas of construction. Brian had a lot of creative ideas, and we used them all."

Commitment to Education

Moore is committed to his customers' success, and to that end, continues to improve his own education about landscaping, the environment, design, and business. Each year he takes an extended course of study that will help him better serve his customers' needs. Most recently, he attended a five-day seminar offered by Lawn and Landscape's School of Management in California, where he studied customer service principals and business management. As he develops new expertise in stone and brickwork, advancing his craft and exploring creative solutions to landscape problems, Moore keeps in mind what has made him successful for so long. "The most important thing in business is to make sure you meet your customers' needs," he says. "As my work evolves and grows, I am committed to listening to my customers and making sure they are happy."

For more information contact:

Brian Moore
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